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Roots of Transformation: lessons and leverage points for sustainable living





The Boundless Roots report is out! 

Over the last 2 years (2019-2021), The Boundless Roots Community has been exploring how we can radically shift the way in which we live in response to the climate crisis. We acknowledge the need for drastic changes if we are to meet the 1.5 degree challenge. But how do we actually do it? 

We wanted to get under the surface of our various efforts to create change, to better understand the critical issues that underpin shifts towards transformation and sustainable living, and improve our individual, organisational and collective approaches to change in the process. We end this 2-year journey with a wealth of insights and specific areas of potential in which we are advocating change. 

How does it resonate with your work? 

We're all used to reading reports - then putting them down and walking away.

We rarely take the time to think about what this means for our work - so we're offering a space, and structure, before you head onto your next task to think about how the content of the Boundless Roots report resonated with you and your work.  

Click here Resonance Feedback Form.


Boundless Roots Toolkit

A group of members of Boundless Roots would like to create a Boundless Roots toolkit for practitioners interested in bringing our themes, questions and process of work in their organisations, communities and projects. 

If you are interested in receiving this toolkit or would like to offer support for us to make it happen, please send us an email