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49 practitioners participated in this journey, wether they joined for a half an inquiry or for the 2 full years.

Our members span diverse fields of practice from NGOs, environmental movements, decentralised communities, foundations to consumer goods, UN organisations, corporates, news agencies, educational institutions and faith-based organisations.

In this KUMU map, you will discover the wealth of life experiences they have brought with them in our collective work, as well as some of the connections between the members.

Our members join as individuals, not as representatives of their organisations, but you can get an impression of the organisational backgrounds of the members in 2020 below:


Our members are

  • passionate about how we radically transform the way we live to remain in planet boundaries and contribute to system change

  • working on sustainable living and have a current project/organisation with a role or position that allows them to take action

  • aligned with the target of one planet living, which implies a radical system shift

  • in search of radicalness and ready to push boundaries, challenge assumptions, scratch beneath the surface, explore the edges with people who have different theories of change

  • seeking to connect with others and are open to people with different backgrounds, experiences, approaches and mindsets, and go out of the comfort zone

  • ready to contribute to a wider community, looking beyond your own wor


Forum for the Future facilitates the community, funded by a 2-year grant from the KR Foundation that began in May 2019. Leila Hoballah is the project lead.

Boundless Roots originates from a group originally convened in 2017 by Kate Power, Programme Director at KR Foundation, and Lewis Akenji, Director of Sustainable Consumption and Production at IGES.